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Exciting Rebranding Transformation

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Hello from Fernandina Beach! Apologies for the extended delay in writing a blog post. So much has been happening that I’m excited to fill you in on. As you have probably noticed if you have visited my website lately, I have rebranded from Southern Edge Agroforestry to Southern Edge Studios ( I have also relocated the business from Mayo, FL to Fernandina Beach, FL. With these changes, I have revamped the website to include a new logo, new products and offerings centered around the beauty of nature. We now offer photography packages for:

  • Surfing & Other Water Sports

  • Beach Outings

  • Fishing & Scalloping Trips

  • River and Local Spring Excursions

  • Action Sports (Skateboarding, Baseball, etc.)

Prints are available for purchase including nature, wildlife, water and waves, sunrise and sunsets from all over the world, and more.

Consulting services are offered for garden and land design, homesteading and sustainable management. A key focus of Southern Edge is to create ecological and holistically centered designs and edible landscapes for long term sustainability.

Freelance writing services are offered for newspapers, magazines, specialty articles, blogs, excerpts, etc.

My primary focus is in North Florida, however I am happy to travel domestically and internationally for special projects. Recently, I have had the opportunity to travel through France and take some amazing photos and in a few weeks, I’m off to Nicaragua. I’ll be spending a week there meeting with local surfers, fishermen and enjoying all the country has to offer. I look forward to sharing photos of my adventures soon.

You can expect to hear from me more consistently going forward. As always, feel free to reach out with any photography, videography or writing needs at Enjoy some recent surf pics from a few of the last storm swells.

Have a great day!

- Brian Bowen

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