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Fall Travels

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Hello and greetings from Fernandina Beach, Florida. The past couple of weeks have been busy as always but everything is moving along very righteously. At the end of September and through the first week of October, my wife, Angela and I traveled around France to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. We had an amazing time and enjoyed the alone time without the kids. Angela is my rock, my heart and my soul. She is my biggest supporter and I love her dearly and appreciate everything she has to offer in our relationship, inside and out. She is amazing at everything she does, from being a loving partner, mother and most importantly, killing it at her job! I can’t wait for many more years together with this beautiful woman! I also wanted to give a Big shoutout and thanks to the grandmothers, Denise and Grace for helping watch the kids so that we were able to take this amazing trip.

We enjoyed France so much we are talking about spending a month there next summer with the kiddos while they are on summer break. We plan to spend our time in the Basque region which is the southwestern part of the country, along the coast. The people were pleasant, the scenery was breathtaking and the food was absolutely amazing. We did gain a bit of weight as we over indulged on the cheese and bread. Nonetheless we are back on track with our healthy lifestyles and working to get these extra pounds off before the holidays.

We have a busy month ahead as I am traveling to Nicaragua for part business and part pleasure and Angela will traveling to VA for work. I wanted to share pictures below from our trip to France! If you want to schedule a photo session of any kind, just drop me a line at and I can get you on the books. I also have new prints available for purchase in the online shop here: .

Thank you for your continued support.

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