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Grass Roots Marketing Strategies

Southern Edge Studios has continued to grow over the past several months because of our grass roots marketing strategies.  Yes we can always pay for ads over the internet or higher prices for radio or television advertising spots, but from our experience, those other marketing strategies don’t work as good as old-fashioned relationship building with patrons and supporters.  Although art shows and events are not our favorite thing, the events serve as a catalyst for us here at Southern Edge Studios to meet people in person.  This year we have participated in a few local events in and around Fernandina Beach and a couple other shows on the other side of Florida.  The main ingredient to successful grass roots marketing is FACE TIME.

This past weekend, we had a booth set up at the 15th Annual Shrimp Festival in downtown Fernandina Beach.  We met a lot of new people and were able to sell some of our awesome photographic art prints.  The Shrimpfest was a three day event and there were over 140 vendors set up, wheeling and dealing.  It seemed a little cut throat at first, but we had to remind ourselves that folks are not just buying pictures, they are buying the story behind the pictures and the story from the eyes of the photographer.  That is why it is so important for us to talk to people and share our story.  This is grass roots marketing in action.  

Back in March we participated in the Lower Suwannee Arts Festival in Suwannee, FL, our old stomping grounds.  The Lower Suwannee Arts Festival wasn’t nearly as big as Shrimpfest, but we were equally successful in selling prints and more importantly, meeting new people.  When we set up at art shows or events, we try to take prints of the local area that the event is being hosted so that the patrons passing by can connect with our work and usually those local pieces will fire up a conversation and it opens the door for us to start our story telling.  These events are more than a money maker, these events are primarily for marketing and face time.  

We are always looking for new events or art shows to participate in and get a chance to do marketing.  We love to hit the ground running and meeting new people to share our story.  If you are ever in Fernandina Beach, FL, be sure to look up Southern Edge Studios and drop us a line.  We will keep everyone notified for all upcoming events and shows.  Thank you for your support and patronage. You can find events and art shows pretty regularly throughout most Florida cities.  If are interested in ordering any prints, check out our online shop.

Below are recent photo favorites featured at the last few events, which are also available to order and are shipped for free to any location in the USA.

Until Next Time!


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